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Aterna Gem by Quorri is better than Amora gem and moissanite

More Rare, More Brilliance, More Fire, More Spectacular Than Diamond!

The ATERNA is a Lab created diamond gem like nothing else you have ever laid eyes on. More rare and brilliant than a diamond it captures even the slightest light source transforming it into an intense scintillation of fire and sparkle.

Superbly Engineered in our state-of-the-art laboratories the ATERNA® comprised of 50% pure carbon, is the second toughest stone in the world at an impressive 9.5Mohs hardness (a diamond is the first coming in at a 10Mohs). Because of the high carbon content, it will test positive for a diamond on most diamond testers and pass the fog and transparency test. Without a doubt, the ATERNA is the most advanced and genuine diamond quality stone in the marketplace today that's reasonably priced and can handle the high stress of daily wear. It does not ever fade, dull, micro-scratch or loose its luster, giving you a lifetime of wearable pleasure and confidence.

To add the ATERNA to any product with the equivalent center stone size, email us at for pricing and availability.