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Quorri Customer Reviews

The greatest compliment a company can receive are the delighted responses of the people who proudly wear their creations. We'd love to hear from you too, so please send us your Feedback at Here are just some of what our satisfied customers have to say about us...

"I just wanted to send a note to tell you that I really enjoyed shopping on your website. The service was great and ordering online was so easy and I felt very comfortable. I could hardly believe it. I was extremely pleased with the Eden ring once it arrived. It looked great on your site and even better in person. I will definitely be sending clients your way. Thank you."Kirt - Ireland

"My mom's birthday was coming up and I wanted to get her something special. After searching your site I decided to order the Prestine tennis bracelet. My mom was so happy when she opened her gift. The bracelet was very well made. The stones sparkled unbelievably. She wears it everyday and tells me she loves it. She shows it off every chance she gets. I am going to buy those stud earrings next time, she will love those too." Customer - Canada


"I would like to let you know how much I appreciate (and how excited I am about) the beautiful ring that you helped me create. It is absolutely stunning. Jason guided me and gave me the perfect recommendations on the design. During the process I was notified on each major step, making me feel comfortable and excited. I must say I have never seen anything so beautiful... the setting, everything about it is perfect for me. I must proudly say that MANY people have come to me (and us) and have commented on what a beautiful ring it is. Thank you truly for your help in making it possible."Mary - USA

" The Admiration engagement ring is exquisite... It turned out even better than I dared to image. We were both impressed at the quality of our rings and the impressive likeness to a diamond your Diamanti is. Thanks for making our wedding day so special."Jen - Canada


"I purchased a FABULOUS engagement ring from Quorri, and I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the service I received. Probably the best service I have ever encountered from a company in my life. The sales rep I dealt with (Sam) was extremely helpful, accommodating, and eager to please, and was even able to pull some strings for me to get my order through in time to fulfill my cunning proposal "plan". I very much wanted to find a lab-grown diamond for ethical reasons (and the price difference didn't hurt either). I chose to deal with Quorri based on the reviews I had read, as I was hard-pressed to find a bad one. And now I understand why I couldn't find one. Further, I find myself wanting to contribute to those reviews so that maybe others will feel the need to experience Quorri’s service and great product. It is with great pleasure that I HIGHLY recommend Quorri to anyone else looking for a fabulous ring at a great price, all accompanied by TOP-NOTCH customer service. Hopefully I will never propose to anyone again, but if I did have to, I would definitely be a repeat customer. In fact, I foresee myself dealing with Quorri for the wedding bands now. " Wade.K - Canada

""The Alexis ring is simply breathtaking!!! Everyone who sees it just gasps! They all comment on how beautiful and dazzling the sparkle is. The ring is very well made and the diamond realism is incredible. I must admit, I was hesitant on purchasing the ring at first, was not sure if people would notice that it was a man made diamond. You surly proved me wrong! We will definitely be purchasing other items from you in the future!" Customer - Canada


""I had heard about a Hearts and Arrows Cushion, so when I saw it on your site, I was thrilled. After receiving it, I then knew what all the fuss was about. The fire this stone gives off is incredible. I can't wait to mount it on my setting when its complete. Thanks Quorri, you saved me thousands!" Tom Roberts - England

"Thanks for making me feel at ease with this online purchase. Your knowledge about jewellery and rings was impressive. You answered my questions honestly, listened to my concerns and made suggestions throughout the process of choosing my ring. When I finally received the Virtuous Dream, I was speechless. It was more beautiful than I could of imagined. Truly enjoyed this experience. I will be back!" Heather - USA


"Several months ago, the love of my life expressed a desire to spend the rest of his life with me. He took me from jewelry store to jewelry store and encouraged me to "pick whichever ring" I liked. What a challenge that was! Perhaps without a conscience things would have been easier. I just couldn't get past the sub-par quality of the diamonds and limited ring selections for the money being charged! I just couldn't do it! For both my fiancé and me, design, quality, workmanship, and value have been top priority with any purchase we make. In addition, the two of us need to feel good about what we purchase. While we'd heard of the issues with mined diamonds, neither of us realized the extent of the problem. Had we known, it is likely we wouldn't have been shopping for one at all! Fortunately, my months of searching and educating myself led me directly to Quorri and its vast array of diamond jewelry that can only be described as "breathtaking". I'll admit I was skeptical, though after much research, which included a thorough review of each and every customer review, I informed my fiancé that I just had to have the Asscher cut engagement ring with a matching wedding band. He was thrilled that I'd finally found something I loved, and even more thrilled to see the price tag in consideration of my wish for a 4 ct center stone and platinum setting. Even I couldn't believe I was able to get all that for the money! So anyway, that was weeks ago... Last weekend, after a full day of stops at the many places we'd been to together when we first started dating (yes, he is a gem of a romantic), my fiancé took me to the beach we'd visited on our first "official" date. There he spotted a bottle buried in the sand. Upon digging it out, he showed me that it contained a scrolled message which he then asked me to read. Needless to say, it was among the sweetest letters that he has ever written to me - and there have been many. As he led me to the bistro set and picnic basket he arranged for us on the beach, I was overcome with what was happening and believe I may have even sort of blacked out momentarily. The next thing I knew, I was crying, he was on his knee, and on my finger was this MASSIVE, most beautiful diamond engagement ring EVER!!! Honestly, I will never forget that moment when I saw the ring and it's sparkle in the sun. Truly, this is the only ring who's beauty could even come close to matching that of the love I have for my fiancé. It is incredible to say the least! I am so grateful for this ring and all that it stands for - love, beauty, quality, environmental consciousness, and value. Thank you, Quorri, for making this possible, and especially for providing your customers the ability to own something truly fabulous, which they may wear with the utmost pride. And lastly, a final word about David, from Quorri's customer service department whom worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to ensure that my ring would be absolutely PERFECT and arrive on schedule. Thank you, David!!! It is - and I love it!!" Kimberly - USA

"Recently, Sam assisted me with selecting the most gorgeous new Tanzanite center stone for my wedding ring. It took a couple weeks, numerous e-mails and photos back and forth, plus live Chat (which by the way was an awesome experience) to get the job done. My original center stone was damaged beyond repair several years ago and I have been unable to wear my ring. My husband suggested that we get a replacement stone in time for our 20th wedding anniversary this year. Quorri's staff were very helpful, courteous and professional, and beyond patient with me while I picked out just the right stone! They offer a wide variety of stones in all sizes and cuts that are truly beautiful and at a great price. We couldn't be happier with our purchase, and extend our thanks to all, especially Sam! Best Regards, Margaret - Canada


"I would like to thank David for his incredible service and the outstanding workmanship that was performed on my old cz ring. I am now the proud owner of a high quality brilliant 1.50 carat Quorri ring that is exactly what I envisioned when I was looking online for a replacement stone. The difference is like night and day. My old stone was a plain low quality cz without any hand-faceting or brilliance. Now with this transformation, it has my customers turning their heads and commenting on what a gorgeous ring I am wearing. I absolutely love my ring and highly recommend Quorri, to anyone contemplating a purchase of this nature, a big five thumbs up!" A - Canada

"We received the ring today and we both said "WOW!!!" This ring is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! Please let your department know that they exceeded our expectations on this ring. I even put it beside of my real diamond and we could not see any difference. We will definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future. Thank you again for your time and help through this entire process. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. " S.M - USA


"The ring is absolutely breathtaking thank you so much for your help in rushing the order and making us an amazingly beautiful ring we can brag about haha thanks again Jonathon!" M.M - USA

"I'm just informing you that I popped the question and it took her over 10minutes to answer because she was stunned, speechless, totally dumbfounded as everyone else because the ring is absolutely amazing in every way and the sparkles from that big stone just took everyone's breath away. She of course said "YES", thanks again for everything and I'll be in touch next month with my next orders. Have a wonderful day." O.R - China.