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    Frequently Asked

    Luxe® combines affordability with exceptional quality. Our patented formula and precise process create stones that closely resemble uncut diamonds, offering the same brilliance without the high price tag.

    Our scientists prepare a specialized patent formula, resulting in a 9.25 Mohs hardness. This durability ensures that Luxe® stands up to daily wear and tear.

    Absolutely! Our stringent selection process ensures that only the highest-graded premium stones make it to our cutting facility. Each Luxe® stone undergoes meticulous grading for exceptional quality.

    Yes! By choosing Luxe®, you contribute to sustainability. Our lab-grown stones reduce the environmental impact associated with mining natural diamonds.

    Treat Luxe® pieces like natural diamonds. Regular cleaning with mild soap and a soft brush will maintain their brilliance. Enjoy your Luxe® jewelry worry-free!

    No! Luxe® stones are designed to maintain their brilliance over time. Unlike some natural diamonds that may fade due to impurities or color changes, Luxe® stones retain their dazzling appearance and do not fade or dull.