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The Diamanti ATERNA® Heart is made up of between 56 and 58 facets, the heart-cut diamond often features “French tips” on the pointed end that help to magnify shine and brilliance. The heart-cut is considered a modified brilliant-cut shape and is popular for both engagement ring settings and solitaire pendants.

Derived from one of the rarest minerals found in nature, Diamanti ATERNA is a revolutionary Lab Created Diamond Gem like nothing else you have ever laid eyes on. With incredible diamond brilliance, it captures even the slightest light source transforming it into an intense scintillation of fire and sparkle. With fiery dispersion spectacularly emitted by ATERNA, it rivals any natural gemstone for fire and brilliance.

Superbly Engineered in our state-of-the-art laboratories, our scientists prepare a specialized proprietary blend comprised of Pure Carbon, Pure Silicon and elements making it the second hardest Gem in the world at 9.5 hardness - only 2nd to a diamond at 10 Mohs hardness. Because of the high carbon content, it will test positive for a diamond on most diamond testers and pass the fog and transparency test. Like a diamond, it has excellent durability and can handle the high stresses of being worn daily. We use the latest advanced rough processing to achieve a colorless pure polytype giving the ATERNA exquisite E/F and G/H color profiles.

Each ATERNA is hand-faceted and cut by hand by our master diamond cutters to Ideal/Excellent proportions, guaranteeing the highest light reflection entering the stone. Without exception, these features clearly make the Aterna the most advanced and genuine diamond quality stone in the marketplace today.

Additional photos showcasing the ATERNA Heart in collection rings.

  • Item#: ATERNA1HRT

    Gem Information
    Gem Shape: Heart Cut
    Gem Color: Colourless E/F & G/H
    Clarity: VVS1
    Cut Grade: Excellent / Ideal
    Warranty: Lifetime Performance
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    Diamanti Stone Coverage
    We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our Diamanti stones and offer a complimentary Lifetime Guarantee. Our Lifetime Guarantee covers color and optical properties of brilliance and fire change. See our Lifetime Guarantee page for full details.

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