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Diamanti-IX Vs. Diamond

When looking at a Diamanti-IX® and a mined Diamond side by side, the first and most obvious difference is that there is no difference at all!

Superbly hand-cut and polished, the exquisite Diamanti IX is virtually identical to a mined stone to the naked eye. Plus, thanks to our revolutionary CL-3 (complex layering - version3) surface enhancement that utilizes our Optical and Ultra-Pure 90% Diamond coating, guarantees the Diamanti-IX will not cloud, fade or discolor. Even highly skilled jewelers can’t tell the difference just by looking.

Dazzling Results...

Diamanti-IX is so optically close to a diamond that without magnification, it’s impossible to tell them apart. Below is a side-by-side comparison, showing an $18,000 1.00 carat Round, E-F color, VVS1 clarity mined diamond next to a Diamanti IX. As you can see, the similarities are stunning.

Can you tell which stone below is the Diamanti-IX?

Diamanti-IX vs Mined Diamond Comparison

The Diamanti-IX is on the Left. Even jewelers found it almost impossible to distinguishing the two.



A gem’s hardness is measured according to the Mohs scale, where it will achieve a rating somewhere between 1 (the softest) and 10 (the hardest). As expected, diamonds are a 10 on this scale. Rubies and sapphires each rate a 9, and Cubic Zirconia is an 8 - 8.5. Diamanti-IX rates an overall 9.1 Mohs.


Brilliance – or sparkle – is compared using a Refractive Index, which measures how much slower the speed of light becomes when it passes through the gemstone. The higher a stone’s Refractive Index, the more light it reflects from its surface. A mined diamond typically has a refractive index of 2.42. A Diamanti-IX, in contrast, rates even higher, between an average of 2.34 to 2.44.


What we perceive as a glittering rainbow of color emitting from a stone is called dispersion. This is what gives a gem its fire and brilliance. A mined diamond has a dispersion power of 0.044. The Diamanti-IX is almost identical – 0.046.

Clearly, the beauty of a Diamanti with its diamond-like qualities and attainable price point makes it truly a brilliant and sensible alternative.

Diamond Comparison

Properties Diamanti-IX Mined Diamond NOTES
COLOR D/E D TO Z D/E mined diamonds cost over $10k/carat
CLARITY FL to VVS1 FL TO I3 Diamonds almost always have inclusions
CUT IDEAL - H&A POOR TO IDEAL Less than 5% of Diamonds are H&A cut
CARBON CONTENT ULTRA-PURE 90% DIAMOND LAYER 100% CARBON Carbon bonds are infused into the Diamanti core
MOHS HARDNESS 9.1 10 Amazingly Durable
(Resistance to Wear)
VERY GOOD EXCELLENT Great Daily wear resistance
YES NO Almost never produced ethically or eco-friendly
LIFETIME WARRANTY YES NO Insurance is required for Diamonds
PRICE / CARAT* $249 $12,000+ Unbeatable diamond quality for the price
Diamond price based on Round,D color, VS1 clarity, Ideal cut