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    Fake Lab Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Real

    Benefits of Purchasing a Diamanti Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

    Frequently Asked

    Diamond simulants, commonly referred to as fake diamonds, encompass a variety of materials, such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, white sapphire, and synthetic garnet. Each of these possesses distinct qualities that may not fully match the advantages of natural diamonds. For those seeking the enduring quality and authentic brilliance of diamonds, our premium selections—Luxe, Aterna, and Pure—stand out as superior alternatives.

    Various assessments, including the fog test, water test, and inspection under magnification, are employed to distinguish authentic diamonds from imitations. While these tests are practical against lower-grade simulants, our Diamanti stones triumph effortlessly through each evaluation. Only a trained gemologist or professional jeweler could discern them from genuine diamonds.

    • Yes, many choose Diamanti lab-grown diamonds or simulants for their ethical production, as they do not require mining and are thus more environmentally friendly.

    The Luxe and Aterna collections are distinguished by their ability to meet specific criteria, mirroring the physical characteristics of natural diamonds. The Pure collection, however, stands unparalleled. Crafted to be indistinguishable in chemical composition and physical attributes, it surpasses every conventional test, including those conducted with specialized equipment, affirming its identical nature to that of natural diamonds.

    Diamanti lab diamonds are typically much more affordable than natural diamonds. This allows for purchasing a larger or better-quality gemstone within the same budget, making it an attractive option for those seeking luxury without the high price point.

    One of the remarkable qualities of Diamanti lab diamonds is their striking resemblance to diamonds, which often go undetected by the naked eye. This gemstone’s brilliance and fire are so similar to a diamond that distinguishing between the two without professional tools is nearly impossible. Aterna offers a dazzling, ethical, and cost-effective alternative that allows you to enjoy the luxury and beauty of a diamond with an assurance that only expert eyes could potentially recognize the difference.

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