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  • best engagement rings with lab diamonds at Quorri

    Advantages of Diamanti Lab diamond engagement ring

    Frequently asked

    The size of a diamond, including a 2-carat Emerald Cut, is largely a matter of personal preference. Here are some factors to consider:

    1. Average Engagement Ring Size: The average engagement ring size is around 1-1.5 carats. However, whether a 2-carat diamond is "too big" or just right is entirely in your hands, based on your unique taste, comfort and how it would visually look on your hand.
    2. Visual Appearance: Emerald-cut diamonds are more elongated than round brilliant cuts. This means a 2-carat emerald-cut diamond might appear more significant due to its shape.
    3. Dimensions: An ideal-cut two-carat emerald diamond will be about 8.5mm long by 6mm wide, which can give you a visual idea of its size.

    A 2-carat Emerald Cut diamond is not necessarily "too big." It ultimately depends on personal preference and the diamond's specific characteristics. 

    Emerald-cut lab diamonds stand out for their distinctive characteristics. They have fewer facets, which results in a more refined and elegant appearance. They offer a unique and timeless beauty that exudes sophistication and class

    Unlike the fiery brilliance of round brilliant cuts, the emerald cut diamond has a mesmerizing play of light and shadow that exudes quiet sophistication.

    Yes, Emerald cuts have fewer facets, which means they don't sparkle as much as round diamonds. However, their unique appearance compensates with a touch of elegance

    The best ring style for an emerald cut diamond depends on personal preference. Some people prefer a solitaire setting to highlight the diamond, while others may prefer a halo or pave setting for added sparkle. View our emerald cut collection rings for various elegant settings perfect for the emerald cut. 

    Celebrities choose emerald cut diamonds for their timeless elegance and unique aesthetic appeal. These diamonds are versatile in design, symbolize openness and trust, and often set fashion trends. Plus, their shape makes the diamond appear larger.

    The emerald cut diamond symbolizes sophistication, refinement, and enduring love. Its clean lines and step-cut facets evoke a sense of lineless elegance, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and heirloom jewelry. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the emerald cut represents clarity and balance, reflecting the strong foundation of a committed relationship. It symbolizes the journey of love, with its elongated shape mirroring the path of two souls intertwined in harmony. Whether given as a token of affection or worn as a cherished keepsake, the emerald cut diamond embodies the enduring beauty and lasting commitment shared between two individuals.