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How To Keep Your Jewelry & Stones looking their best.

Diamonds are truly beautiful, incredibly hard and sparkle endlessly. Yet the oil deposited from the mere touch of a human finger can cause dirt to collect and cause the diamond to lose its brilliance. This also holds true for all Diamanti. To keep your Diamanti stones looking their very best we offer the following tips on diamond care:

Keep your Simulated Diamonds, Lab Diamonds and Cultured Gemstones Clean!

This is by far the biggest contributor to stones that have lost their sparkle or brilliance. With day to day wear, hand lotions, body oils, hair styling products and everyday grime can leave a film on your stone. Those materials can even accumulate into a thick layer of residue on the back of the stone if you wait too long between cleanings. This film will block light from being reflected into and out of your beautiful stone, thus rendering it dull looking. Like all fine diamond jewelry, they need to be cleaned regularly to enjoy their true beauty.

We recommend using a non-toxic gem and jewelry cleaner weekly (or daily if you find that your jewelry is getting dirty more often) for a simple and effective way to keep your Diamanti stones brilliant.

If your jewelry needs a deep cleaning, follow these steps below. It will dramatically improve the shine and appearance of your gemstone and setting.

  1. Soak your jewelry in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water for at least 20 minutes. (Palmolive dishwashing liquid is a good choice, but any other mild detergent is fine.) You can also use a solution of one part ammonia and six parts water.
  2. Use a soft brush if necessary to remove dirt. Soft is the word - don't use a brush with bristles that are stiff enough to scratch the ring's metal setting.
  3. Swish the ring around in the solution then rinse it thoroughly in warm water.
  4. Dry the ring with a lint-free cloth.

Tip: Close the drain or put the ring in a strainer to keep from losing it!

Note: If after steps 1-4 your jewelry still doesn't sparkle as when you first received it, you will have to re-do step 1, except this time leaving it to soak overnight. This will allow the dirt and oils to loosen up and wash away much easier.

If the stone is still not as brilliant as when you first purchased it, you will need professional cleaning. Please contact us at for available options.