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  • best engagement rings with lab diamonds at Quorri

    ATERNA® Accents are a revolutionary, state-of-the-art Lab Diamond Gem Melee with incredible diamond brilliance and durability. Aterna features an impressive 9.50 Mohs Hardness, making it the second hardest Gem in the world - only 2nd to a Diamond or Pure® at 10 Mohs hardness. Our diamond expert meticulously chooses each gem to guarantee optimal diamond characteristics. All jewelry set with Aterna® Accents will have a Minimum Average Color: D/E, Clarity: VVS1, Cut: Excellent to Ideal, and Fluorescence: None.

    PURE® Accents are Lab Diamond Melee physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds in every aspect. Each Pure® is meticulously chosen for its unrivalled brilliance, color, and beauty. All jewelry set with Pure® Accents will have a Minimum Average Color: EF, Clarity: VVS / VS+, Cut: Excellent, and Fluorescence: None.

    Should you desire a different 4C grade to match your budget, please contact us for diamond options.