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    Aterna® - A Cut above Moissanite
    BENEFITS OF BUYING ATERNA over Moissanites


    Commonly Asked Questions

    Regrettably, moissanite is available in various color and clarity grades (from D to I color and Si to VS clarity), along with an Excellent to Very Good cut grade. In contrast, Aterna® boasts exclusive D/E color and VVS1 grading, making it the ultimate selection for unparalleled beauty and brilliance.

    Moissanite has telltale fire and facet doubling from a side view. So, when trying to tell if someone has a Moissanite ring, move the ring around and observe its sparkle. It is known as the disco-ball effect. Aterna®, on the other hand, is cut to the actual Ideal diamond properties, giving it the brilliance and true diamond sparkle.

    While moissanite maintains a respectable durability rating of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, its slight inferiority to diamonds at 10 Mohs may render it susceptible to scratches and wear over time. In contrast, Aterna® boasts a hardness rating closer to that of diamonds at 9.50 Mohs, ensuring superior resilience and longevity without concerns of scratching or deterioration in the future.

    Aterna® offers several advantages over moissanite, making them an increasingly popular choice for those seeking brilliance and beauty in their jewelry. Utilizing cutting-edge rough processing techniques, Aterna is more durable and closer to the strength of a diamond. This ensures long-lasting beauty and resilience against scratches and damage. Moissanite's unique structure means it's not cut like diamonds, thus giving it a different sparkle. Aterna is carefully cut to represent the best diamond quality. The outcome? A stunning sparkle and shine that's just as impressive as natural diamonds, catching everyone's eye with its amazing brightness and beauty.

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    We recognize the importance of providing superior products and ensuring the highest quality jewelry from the day you receive it to the years to come. That is why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our Aterna® and a Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee on all our jewelry for your total peace of mind.