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  • best engagement rings with lab diamonds at Quorri

    The Popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds

    Quorri sells the best quality lab made diamonds in Canada

    We can't deny that the lab grown diamond as a product of high technology in the laboratory continues the sparkling brilliance of diamonds and has emerged in the jewelry world! Breaking the inherent notion of "diamond scarcity", and with the development of science and technology, the quality of diamonds is constantly improving and can reach VVS level or even higher! At the same time, the size is not limited, can achieve a large carat level. The price is more economical, more cost-effective! The concept of green sustainability is also something that natural diamonds do not have.

    under-halo oval lab grown diamond engagement ring in Canada

    But all aspects to compare with natural diamonds, and even replicate the path of mined diamonds, is this the original intention of the industry development? This will only make the idea that lab diamonds are a cheap substitute take root, which is ultimately detrimental to the development of the lab diamond industry!

    So how can lab diamonds escape the shadow of natural diamonds and maintain their independence? How do you create a line of development that is uniquely your own? How to have a passionate vitality, no longer a cheap product of the factory, and attract the attention of the diamond market with its unique charm? The prerequisite for all this is to clarify one question: where does the vitality of lab diamonds come from? To this question, the following four aspects can be answered!

    The power of technology

    Lab diamonds are born in the laboratory, as high-tech "enriched" products, in physical, chemical and optical properties identical to natural diamonds. The current methods of synthesizing lab diamonds are mainly High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The preparation time is only half a month to one month.

    The new concept of lab diamonds is gradually recognized and accepted: man-made diamonds, first created in 1952, have progressively gained widespread attention in the industry over the past few years after 50~60 years of development. During 2018-21, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, GIA, etc.

    Have deleted the word "natural" and recognized the concept of lab-created diamonds. In contrast, domestic and foreign authoritative jewelry appraisal institutions GIA, GCAL, IGI, etc., have successively opened the market for lab diamond testing business and can issue special test certificates or grading. The report, etc., provide healthy guidance for the standardized development of the industry.

    In recent years, with increased consumer acceptance, more and more practitioners have moved into lab diamonds. This is due to the increasing sophistication of diamond cultivation technology.

    In addition, the production process of lab diamonds is relatively simple and environmentally friendly. According to Frost & Sullivan, the harmful carbon emissions from diamond mining is 57,000 grams per carat. In comparison, lab diamonds only release 0.028 grams per carat, which has the advantages of outstanding cost performance and versatility.

    Diamond consumption is gradually transformed from the "high amount and low frequency" mode, which is absolutely dominated by marriage in the past, to the "low amount and high frequency" of "self-reward", and consumers are gradually shifting to younger groups.

    At the same time, the concept of consumption has changed. "New", "modern", "interesting", "fashionable", "attractive" or "self The concepts of "novelty", "modern", "fun", "fashionable", "attractive" or "self-treating" have given lab diamonds a unique position in the jewelry sector.

    At the same time, with the epidemic effectively under control, most consumers plan to spend the same or more on diamond jewelry as the population becomes more willing to improve their quality of life, which will effectively boost the end-use of diamond jewelry.

    Glamour - Design and Cut

    Every brilliant diamond needs to be designed and cut to perfection for the rough diamond to be transformed and blossom into the most sparkling fire!

    The non-renewable and expensive nature of natural diamonds has led to certain limitations in jewelry design, and the use of wedding scenarios has often led to mundane and straightforward designs, lacking boldness and innovation.

    Lab diamonds, on the other hand, are completely different from natural diamonds from their inception. This is also one of the important reasons why lab diamonds are loved; breaking the traditional limitations, you can customize different sizes, shapes, colors and clarity to customize the diamond according to your needs so that the diamond back to the basic wear function, design back to the art of creation, opened up a new situation in the diamond industry.

    Soul – The brand culture gives soul

    The advertising slogan "A diamond is forever, a diamond is forever", which I believe we have all heard of, has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, making diamonds the darling of the wedding market, lasting hundreds of years of glory!

    Man-made diamonds, born in the laboratory, the concept of environmental protection into the product redefines the diamond sparkle. It should have appeared in the diamond market with its unique charm, but lab diamonds are more often compared with natural diamonds. In addition, consumer acceptance is not high, which largely stems from distrust and lack of brand protection!

    Now, the value of diamonds will not only be limited to the product itself but gradually become the result of a "consciousness" feedback. This consciousness can be understood as "identity", or "demand". So if you want man-made diamonds form a unique culture out of their route, look no further than Diamanti Pure Lab Diamonds. You can purchase them set in our Engagement Rings, Fine Jewelry or use our Complimentary Lab Diamond Concierge.

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