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Diamanti LUXE Pear

The Diamanti LUXE Pear is a beautiful combination of the classic emerald cut and the sparkle of the round brilliant. With 104 facets, it maximizes the effect of its color refraction and sparkle.

The Diamanti LUXE is a revolutionary diamond alternative that is surface enhanced with our exclusive Complex Layering. This layering is comprised of an initial optical layer, followed by a Ultra-Pure Diamond coating protective layering for wear resistance and lifetime performance.

This superior synergized layering combination guarantees optimal light return and a hardness of 9.1 overall, giving the Diamanti LUXE the same natural metallic lustre and brilliance found in the highest quality diamonds.

  • Item#: PEAR001LX

    Stone Information
    Stone Shape: Pear Cut
    Stone Color: Colorless D/E
    Surface Enhancement: CL3 - Optical & Ultra-Pure 90% Diamond Coating
    Clarity : VVS1 to IF
    Cut Grade: Excellent / Ideal
    Warranty: Lifetime Performance
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    Lifetime Warranty
    We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Diamanti LUXE stones against defects in manufacturing. In the unlikely event that a Diamanti LUXE stone ever optically alters on its own in brilliance and lustre a replacement stone will be issued at no charge to the original purchaser. See Our Lifetime Warranty Page for full details.

    Quality Guaranteed
    We guarantee that every genuine handcrafted Diamanti LUXE stone exclusively manufactured by Diamanti by Quorri is free from defects and is laser inspected and triple checked by our specialists using the latest technology at time of purchase.

  • The Diamanti LUXE is visually identical to high-end, well cut diamonds. Next to a diamond even jewelers cannot tell the difference without equipment. The Diamanti LUXE is surface enhanced with our exclusive Complex layering that features an Ultra-Pure Diamond coating and Optical layer. It has a 9.1 hardness (similar to a Ruby or Sapphire) giving it Very Good durability. The Diamanti LUXE is graded at D/E color, VVS1 clarity, Ideal H&A hand-cut to the highest diamond standards.

    Item Diamanti LUXE® Mined Diamond
    COLOR D/E D to Z
    CLARITY FL to VVS1 FL to I3
    CUT IDEAL - H&A Poor to Ideal
    CARBON CONTENT Ultra-Pure Diamond Layer 100% Carbon
    MOHS HARDNESS 9.1 10
    (Resistance to Wear)
    Very Good Excellent
    Yes No
    PRICE / CARAT* $249 $15,000+
    *Based on a Pear, D/E color, VVS1 clarity, Ideal cut Diamond


CL3 Ultra-Pure 90% Protective layer

D/E Color, VVS1 - IF Clarity, Ideal Cut

Genuinely Hand-Cut to perfect Diamond Proportions

Created using pure and responsible environmental practices.

Diamanti LUXE Pear cut diamond by Quorri in Canada

lab grown diamond and man-made synthetic diamonds in Canada by Quorri

Ideal H&A Cut - Diamanti LUXE® stones are truly hand-cut by our skilled diamond cutters to Ideal standards - delivering superior brilliance, high fire and intense sparkle for maximum light return.

CL3 Layering Architecture - Diamanti LUXE® stones are surface enhanced with our exclusive Complex Layering Architecture. This highly advanced layering features an Optical & Protective Ultra-Pure 90% diamond surface coating unlike any other on the market today.

D-E Color - The less color in a diamond, the more valuable it is. The absolute finest colorless stones range between D to E rating. Diamanti LUXE® stones are exclusively created to the top D-E colorless grades for unmatched beauty and striking detail.

We combine time tested old world techniques and state of the art modern skills for a stunning brilliance - one stone at a time.

Designed & Handmade just for you.


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