Why buy Aterna over a Diamond

Why buy ATERNA over a Diamond?

Engagement rings have sentimental value, not asset value.
Engagement rings do only two things: (1) look pretty and (2) provide a symbol / memento of the event. Accordingly, you're best served by purchasing a high quality ring that meets these two criteria at the lowest possible cost. The cost/quality/durability attributes of Aterna make it much more attractive than diamond for use in wedding rings.
You won't start your married life in debt.
It's often said that financial issues are the biggest cause of arguments and difficulties in a marriage, sometimes leading all the way to divorce. Doesn't it make sense to ensure you and your wife-to-be are in the black as soon as humanly possible? Saving for a down payment, creating an emergency fund, and putting aside money to invest are all substantially easier when you're not paying hundreds of dollars a month to the lending institution that financed the diamond purchase.
All Aterna gems are near Flawless
Since Aterna can be reliably made in a laboratory, it's easy to do quality control. Instead of selling anything that comes out of the ground with large inclusions and bad color, Aterna can be identified and discarded. This means the Aterna you buy will be a much better quality stone than a more expensive diamond.
Spending less on the stone means you can spend more on the setting.
Since people notice the setting details more than the stone itself, the lower cost of Aterna means you have far more options to make your ring unique while keeping within your budget. Side stones, crafted bands, millgrain and bezel-set accents are all suddenly within your budget.

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