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We recognize the importance of providing superior products and service to our customers. That is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Jewelry and Loose stones for your total peace of mind.

We guarantee that every genuine handcrafted Diamanti stone is free from defects and is individually inspected by laser and 10x loupe by our specialists before being shipped to ensure a perfect stone on delivery.

Diamanti Stones
We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our Diamanti stones and offer a complimentary Lifetime Warranty. In the unlikely event that your genuine Diamanti stone ever optically alters in color and clarity, a replacement stone will be covered under warranty. While Diamanti stones are extremely durable, like all precious gemstones, and even a diamond for that matter, they are not indestructible. Care and proper precautions should be taken to avoid damaging your Diamanti stones. Some conditions apply. See Terms and Conditions for full details.


Terms and Conditions
The warranty does not include theft, negligence, abuse, disappearance or loss of the optical properties of brilliance and fire due to intentional/incidental or accidental damage. Diamanti Jewelry that has been damaged caused by improper stone setting, re-sizing or repairs from jewelers other than Quorri will void your warranty. All Diamanti loose stones set by third-party jewelers are not covered by our warranty. We offer discounted stone setting services featuring our full guarantee for sent in customer settings.

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