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Loose Stone Gallery

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Brilliance and Fire...

Our Quorri® Loose Stone Gallery contains the most popular and sought after diamond and gemstone styles and colors. These luminous and dazzling gemstones are sure to steal your heart away.

Each stone is hand cut and polished to perfection, giving it exceptional fire and brilliance. They closely match the composition of expensive “flawless” mined diamonds as their clarity and color are incredibly duplicated on their respective scales. In almost all measurable tests, our lab- created simulated diamonds match or are superior to natural mined diamonds.

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Quorri® simulated diamond gemstones. Our stones are created in such a way that their brilliance, fire and luster will hold true for the lifetime of the stone.

Now featuring Flash Video!  Look for the    icon in every Quorri shape to view each gemstone Live.

If you do not see a shape or size that you are interested in, please contact our Customer Support Center with your complete details.

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