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Say “I Do” With A Diamanti by Quorri Ring

We live in an age where a surprisingly large number are looking for more and more ways to try living their lives affordably and without causing harm to the environment. If you are looking for that perfect engagement ring to propose to your special lady, why would you want to choose something with a high price tag and a very long history of exploitation, violence, and environmental damage? The social, political and environmental effects of the diamond mining industry are as great as ever. The best option to avoid various conflicts from becoming an unwelcome yet unavoidable part of your engagement story is to invest in a much more affordable lab diamond engagement ring.

Here, at Quorri, we specialize in the creation of top quality lab grown diamonds, simulants and cultured gemstones that are perfect for dazzling your fiancé-to-be. Each stone is carefully created in state-of-the-art laboratories and exceptionally hand-crafted by our master diamond cutters, which means you’ll always get a flawless work of art that’s visually identical to a diamond or gemstone. The Diamanti IX stones are individually cut to Ideal/Excellent proportions, FL to VVS1, E/F color guaranteeing that they will be full of fire, incredible brilliance and sparkle endlessly. The Diamanti IX’s patent complex 3-stage layering architecture utilizes Ultra-Pure 90% Diamond Coating technology for durability and wear resistance and Optical Enhancements for spectacular scintillation and metallic lustre. Even your jeweler will be impressed and amazed by these features.

Engagement Ring Collection

Visit our collection of exquisite engagement rings and you will notice a beautiful selection of stunning pieces that are guaranteed to please. You can choose from a wide range of designer styles as per your taste, preferences, and budget. We offer classic and elegant single stone solitaires for those looking to showcase the beauty of their center stone or if you are on the lookout for extra sparkle and detail than the Prestige or the 3-stone & multi-stone collection are better suited for you. These collections feature rings designed and handcrafted to highlight a collection of different sized stones and designer styles. In short, there is something for everyone in the Diamanti IX engagement rings range.

Design Your Custom Ring

Diamanti by Quorri offers a collection of high-quality hand-crafted designer piece for everyone’s taste and budget. If you have a specific design and want to create your own personalized engagement ring or special occasion ring, the Diamanti Custom Design Center is the perfect way to have this dream ring become a reality. The best thing about Quorri is that these hand-crafted works of perfection are very affordable. Most designs are under $1000 which is less than one-third of their mined equivalent. This allows you to choose larger center stones well beyond a 2 carat size and within higher grades without breaking the bank.

If you are on the lookout for a designer piece with a breathtaking center stone, stunning design and plenty of style then consider choosing Quorri for an unforgettable showpiece look and incredible price!